Trail of Cthulhu: Covenants

Episode 1: The Haunting
20 Copp's Hill Road

• Assembled due to stuff.

• Things happen.
• Guy painting place outside.
• Seance.

Episode 2: The Kidnapping

• Corneliszes, members of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight.

• Son, Adam, kidnapped.

• Maid

• New York City, NY

• Shaverton, NY

• Cave

• Sent to orphanage.

Episode 3: The Gainesville Cylinder

• The Auction
• The Man from the State Department.
• Farrow’s Apartment
• The Gable House

Episode 4: The Shadow From The Hills

• Alfred Osborne
• Buhrlich, West Virginia
• Bodysnatching
• Razvan’s Hut
• The Swamp
• The Mine

Episode 5: The Cabinet, the Pyramid and the Curse

• Séance Interrupted
• Aftermath
• The Government Man
• Geneological Research
• The Thing in the Apartment

The apartment burned down; strangely-distorted fragments of bone indicated that the El-Hazzard thing was dead.

Rice was living in a once-lavish oceanside cottage, driven mad by the visions of the Guardian.


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