The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight is a fraternal organization with an esoteric scrim. The Boston Lodge is located in a large house just on the edge of the city, where many prominent and wealthy members of Bostonian society mix. The Hermetic Order itself is open only to men, but the Order has a daughter-organization for connected women. Though the Order is theoretically a nation-wide organization, the Boston Lodge is the largest in the country.

There are other Lodges in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Arlington, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit and Chicago. Not all Lodges own dedicated buildings; smaller Lodges meet in the leader’s homes or spaces specially rented for weekly rites and meals.

Levels of Membership

The Lodge
The Boston Lodge is located in an old


Lodge Officials
Noble Philosopher — John Scott
Master of Rituals —
Lodge Secretary —

George Mewhinney – Initiate
Ralph Gilman – Initiate
Amarantha Cordoba
Jacob Corneliesz – Master
Harriet Corneliesz – Master
Edward Call – Initiate
Carl Standord – Master
Ephraim Weaver – Master
John Scott – Noble Philosopher


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